As an independent publisher, Get Over Your Job spends hours on working on its articles, and making sure that its readers have a pleasant experience when navigating the site. It takes a huge amount of time and resources to maintain this website so the Get Over Your Job team explores several avenues to offset those costs.

That said, Get Over Your Job engages in affiliate, advertising, partnership and sponsorship agreements with businesses that offer their goods and services through online channels. Get Over Your Job is currently a member of the Rakuten Affiliate Network. We are also a proud affiliate partner of Premier TEFL. Get Over Your Job earns a small commission from these agreements when you buy our partners’ product or service at no extra cost to you.

There will be articles on this website that contain affiliate links or ads from our partners’ products and services, and we will tag them accordingly. You will read a note announcing the presence of affiliate links on such posts. Sponsored posts will also be tagged as such.

Note that whatever affiliate products Get Over Your Job endorses are products that our team members personally trust. Get Over Your Job does not recommend any product or company without verifying its credibility.

We are relaying this information to you in compliance with the earnings and affiliate disclosure regulations set by your country. The United States’ government, particularly, imposes rules on publishers who offer affiliate products, through its Federal Trade Commission. This disclosure aims to fulfill the said policy, and similar requirements, to protect you as our valued reader.

If you have any questions or clarifications about this disclosure, please feel free to contact us.

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