Teach English Abroad: 5 Ways You Can Become A TEFL Teacher

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English is a universal language that is widely used as a medium of communication in school and in business. The ability to speak in English opens doors for scholars and entrepreneurs, which is why the market for teaching English has significantly grown over the years. 

Many are now endeavoring to teach English abroad as a career or as a way to earn money during their sabbaticals or gap year.

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The Millennial Dream: Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World

Millennials cannot be tied down in one place—no, not by their parents, the institutions they work for, or their husbands and wives. They are dynamic and ambitious, with an innate hankering to see the world.

They are aggressive, impatient, and job-wise, they believe career progression can be achieved horizontally.

But like their predecessors, the “slacker” generation of Gen X, millennials have proved their detractors wrong. Perceived to be lazy and entitled,

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Preparing For The Worst: How To Deal With Business Copycats

There’s this episode on the British TV series Mr. Selfridge in which his childhood friend, Frank Winfield Woolworth (yes, that Woolworth), pays him a visit. Woolworth intends to tell him that he’s also entering the mall business in London.

Woolworth plans to put up a “pile’em high, sell ’em cheap” mall that could steal Selfridge’s customers. Selfridge feels threatened by the announcement.

Granted, Woolworth’s five-and-dime is not in the same league as Selfridge’s luxury department store;

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Breaking Up With Toxic People In Your Life Like An Adult

There would come a point in your existence where your work may affect your personal life and vice versa. Sometimes, it’s the toxic people in your life who are causing you some trouble in both areas. 

This often becomes more apparent when you reach a certain age. There are just some things you cannot put up with, such as the mood swings, the tireless rants and negativity, or worse,

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