3 Ways To Fix The Key Problems On Your Resume

There are many articles out there screaming “don’t make these mistakes on your resume” or “five things that put an employer off.” They are excellent click bait but what they often fail to do is actually explain how to remedy these common resume problems.

In the spirit of actually helping you get hired rather than causing you to roll up in a ball in the corner of the room in despair, let’s tackle some of those often highlighted problem areas.

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4 Things That Fresh Graduates Without Work Experience Can Highlight On Their Resume

It is common among new graduates like you to have an “empty” resume, since you’re fresh out of college. You may not have prior work experience that’s directly related to your field to cite; say, you only worked summer jobs or held a part-time position at the local fast-food joint.

That’s okay, because there are ways to jazz up your resume, without padding it. Jamie Hughes, a career consultant and author of the book,

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Should I Get A Job Right After I Graduate?

A decade ago, I landed a job at a Japanese community paper following a rigorous job hunt, just two weeks after I graduated from college. Like any fresh graduate beaming with pride, I came to my beat on time every day, and enthusiastically told people that “I’m a reporter” when they asked me what my job was.

However, no more than three months into my first job, I found myself dragging my sleepy behind out of bed every morning.

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