This Is How Women Can Deal With Sexism In The Office

If you’re a woman who happens to be a fan of “Mad Men,” then chances are, you may have found it difficult to watch the hit TV show at times. Don Draper’s philandering ways, and Peggy’s casual misogyny-filled journey in corporate America are understandably the reason.

It’s really a man’s world out there. But as Peggy proved in post-Kennedy America, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Undermined and ignored for her talents over a new male colleague,

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Humane Ways To Fire An Employee

Ever fired someone? It’s the most awful feeling in the world.

Of course, it’s not a senseless act and there’s always a reason behind every firing. Sometimes, the inevitable just happens: the company has incurred severe financial losses, or decided to change its business model.

Maybe the employee is a pain in the ass; or maybe the company has found a better candidate than him.

Either way it’s a very hairy situation for any manager.

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It’s Not You, It’s Me: Maybe Giving Your Job A Chance Is A Good Idea

It’s that time of the day again. It’s Monday, the alarm clock just went off, and you have to go to work. You drag yourself out of bed. 

Have you done all you could to shake off this nagging feeling? If you have, then maybe it’s time to really quit. If you haven’t, then maybe you should consider giving your job a chance.

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Maybe you’re just done with the honeymoon period

You thought you’ve found your dream job only to find out that you’re not quite compatible at all.

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Bullied At Work? Here’s How To Stop Workplace Bullying

Despite how far we’ve come, we still haven’t made a lot of progress on completely eradicating bullying. This is why every employee needs to be aware of how to stop workplace bullying.

Bullying lurks in the four corners of the office, causing damage to employee morale and productivity, and costing company owners thousands in take-home profits. It can happen to any person, even if he or she is already in a senior position,

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What To Do When You’re Miserable At Your Job

In life, we have to make compromises. Someone cuts in line; give way to avoid making a scene. Your favorite burger isn’t available; order something else. Your husband didn’t wash the lone dish he used for his midnight snack; wash it and add another hash mark to your tally.  

And the list goes on. 

The same is true of work where we meet people from different backgrounds.

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